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Evac+Chair 900H power Model

EvacChair-900-in-operation (1).jpg

The 900H Power is a 24V, Lithium-Ion battery operated, motorised evacuation chair. One full charge provides enough power to last for 150 flights of stairs, giving you complete peace of mind that you can evacuate the mobility impaired, upwards or downwards in an emergency.



  1. Easy to use control pad Enables the user to control the speed and direction (upward/ downward) of the evacuation.

  2. Head support Supports passengers head and neck for increased comfort.

  3. Pushing handles Enables the chair to be easily manoeuvred on flat terrain.

  4. Powered belt track system Reduces manual handling and provides a smooth upward/ downward evacuation.

  5. Arm rests Provides passenger support and assistance.

  6. Safety belt Secures the passenger into the chair.

  7. 24V Lithium-Ion battery Powers the chair upwards and downwards. One full charge will last for 150 flights of stairs.

  8. Ascending control handles Enables a 2nd person to assist in the operation, if required.

  9. Foot rest Provides a secure place for the passenger to rest their feet, during evacuation

  • Chair

  • Battery

  • Battery charger

  • Battery anti-theft key

  • User guide

  • Head restraint

  • Dust cover

  • Wall bracket & Fitting kit

  • Photoluminescent sign

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Single person operation

  • No heavy lifting required

  • Fire retardant

  • Quality and safety checks throughout manufacture

Dimensions          Folded          Unfolded

Height                   1120mm      1600mm

Width                       520mm        520mm

Depth                       270mm        1220mm

Weight                                    32 kg

Payload Capacity                160 kg

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