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Evac+Chair 500H Model


The Evac+Chair 500H MK5 is robust and features a double hand grip, descent control handle and unique friction belt to ensure a safe and comfortable evacuation for the mobility impaired. With an increased payload capacity of 227kg, this is our evacuation chair for any passenger build.


  1. Double handed grip Enhances user operation

  2. Foldable descent control handle/footrest For use with 2 person operation for stability

  3. Redesigned hammock Greater passenger comfort

  4. Unique friction belt system Self-braking track to control smoothness and speed of descent

  5. Contoured headrest Accommodates double hand grips

  6. Sewn-in safety belt Improves safety & durability

  7. Foot strap Helps secure passenger feet

  8. Large 100mm castor wheels Ideal for operation over uneven terrain

  9. Simplified graphical instructions & user guide Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

  • Extension Strap

  • Photo luminescent signage

  • Wall mounted hooks

  • Dust cover

  • User guide

  • Easy to use

  • One to Two person operation

  • Lightweight

  • No heavy lifting required

  • Made in the UK

  • Quality and safety checks throughout manufacture

  • Lower handle to control stair descent

Dimensions          Folded          Unfolded

Height                   1100mm      1370mm

Width                       520mm        520mm

Depth                       250mm        1140mm

Weight                                    13 kg

Payload Capacity                227 kg

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